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NARDI Venice circa 1970 Blackamoor NARDI VENICE CIRCA 1970 BLACKAMOOR - SOLD
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The Jeweller Giulio Nardi, was the first to create Venetian blackamoors in the 1920s. He drew inspiration from the Morčić, a jewelry from the Dalmatian coast, former territory of the Venetian republic, La Serenissima. This kind of jewelery set with gold and many kinds of precious stones, such as the diamond gem, defines some kind of link between Shakespearian tragedy of Othello and the sophisticated art of Venetian goldsmiths.
Depicted as either a token of love or as a caring companion, it possesses the exquisite merits of a beautiful and unmistakable Venetian jewel or those of a precious souvenir that has always been desired and sought-after by royalty, elegant women and famous personages.

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