Galerie Montaigne, specialises in exceptional signed jewellery from the Art Deco period, nineteenth and especially the 40’s to 70’s. We present big names such as Cartier, van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Chaumet, Buccelatti, Verdura, and many others.

Founded in 1997, the gallery has an excellent reputation in Monte Carlo where security and confidentiality are well established; we are present on the very active jewellery markets of Geneva, New York, London, Moscow and Hong Kong.

We are very strict in terms of origin, condition and certification and offer an impeccable service to our aesthete and demanding clientele.

Stéphane Guilhon

He is a graduate of HRD Antwerp in Belgium and having worked in the diamond trade in the same city from 1989 to 1998, Stéphane Guilhon has enhanced his knowledge of diamonds in Africa as a buyer of rough diamonds from Sierra Leone and Republic center Africa for two and a half years, in Russia for a year as a supervisor of a diamond cutting and expert in Smolensk (Smolensk Kristal).

Since 1998, when he moved to Monaco in taking stewardship of an expert firm for three years, he has been buying and selling signed vintage jewelry, jewelry from the nineteenth century until today, diamonds, gems and watches.

Having gained a thorough understanding of different styles, periods and manufacturers, as well as punches and master the characteristics of different jewelry … in 2006, Stéphane took over Galerie Montaigne in which it operates today.

As part of his activities he is able to authenticate and assess for succession, sharing or insurance.

Often asked by notaries, lawyers or banks for valuations or shares, he has also been commissioned as an expert by many individuals.

Stéphane Guilhon will welcome you with discretion in Galerie Montaigne, Monaco.